INAO is characterized by dual governance which involves government administration and more than 200 professionals in its forum.

The Permanent Board, acting as the steering body of the institution, defines the strategic guidelines and decides on the budget of the Institute. This original construction of dialogue is based on the will to reach a consensus for better serving the general interest. National committees approve the specifications and their modifications. The Approvals and Controls Board approves the control structure.

The Institute’s activity is structured by the sessions of its national bodies that bring together professionals involved in official signs of quality and origin, qualified persons (including consumers and researchers), and representatives of the administrations concerned.

The presidents and members of national bodies are appointed by ministerial order for a period of five years.

INAO’s governance offers ample room for professional expertise, technical and legal files.

Furthermore, the expertise of the Institute's services is often required for the preparation of texts and regulatory body that could impact agricultural production in SIQO, as well as the information given to consumers.

The Permanent Board

The Permanent Board is in charge of the general policy of INAO, its strategic priorities and budget.

The National Committees

Five national committees are tasked with the mission of providing recognition of a product under sign of quality and origin, to examine the content of the specifications, compliance with the definition of the sign, the definition of the check and control points and their methods of evaluation. They study and propose any measures that are likely to improve the quality and characteristics of the products.

The National Committee for designations of origin for wine, other alcoholic beverages and spirits

President : M. Christian PALY

+13 INAO regional committees (CRINAO), issuing opinions on matters within their remit :

The National Committee for designations of dairy, agro-food and forestry product

The National Committee for Protected Geographical Indications PGI, Labels Rouges and Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG)

The National Committee for Protected Geographical Indications for wines and ciders 

The National Committee of Organic Agriculture

Board of Approvals and Controls 

The Board of approvals and controls is a transversal body entirely dedicated to controls. This unique governance offers within INAO, ample room for professional expertise, vocational, technical and legal records.