Demarcation of production areas and protection of soils

Demarcation of production areas

An important step towards obtain an AOC/PDO or an PGI, the demarcation relies on scientific bases in the field of geology, soil science, agronomy, history, geography, sociology, ethnography...

For 80 years, INAO has assureds this field expert mission, with the willingness to adapt to the characteristics of the new productions under sign of quality and origin, using new technologies, for ever increasing more efficiency, and to explain the economic, food and territorial relevance.


Soil protection

Laws and regulations provide that INAO shall be consulted for advice as part of all development projects, urbanization, or work on an appellation area, or expropriation measures concerning this type of area.

Laws and regulations require that INAO is consulted for advice on all projects of development, urbanization, or work on an area of appellation, or measures of expropriation for this type of area.

With the aim of maintaining quality agriculture and rural territories and of productive living, economic actors and INAO work closely together as early as possible at the emerging of projects.