International Cooperation

Explaining the interest and the principles of French policy on official signs of origin and quality (SIQO) of agricultural and food products, its operation, its economic impact, territorial and social benefits, can provide an appropriate response tailored to the agricultural objectives of many countries. Sharing experience is also an effective way to defend our own SIQO, including geographical indications, and to include these concepts in the international debate.

To this end, INAO develops, particularly in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, shares and activities of international relations: receiving foreign delegations, participation in seminars, conferences and other events abroad; technical support, support for cooperation projects.

These actions fit into the strategy of influence of the Ministry of Agriculture and meet the guidelines set out by INAO: work with countries where cases of counterfeiting are detected or countries with potential in terms of alliance through negotiations.

To carry out these actions, a network of experts has been set up and is coordinated by the international Institute and legal service.

Some programs in the year 2014: 

  • RUSSIA: In the context of the implementation of the cooperation agreement between INAO and ROSPATENT (Russian intellectual property agency), receiving a delegation of four Russian officials for a week in PARIS and in the Jura region.
  • ALGERIA: Twinning - Start of strengthening of the quality recognition device of agricultural products by distinctive signs related to the origin;
  • MOROCCO: Mission to support the development of the organic sector in the eastern region;
  • BURMA: Participation of INAO in a seminar on Geographical Indications in RANGOON and mission of support to the establishment of a geographical indication system;
  • JAPAN: Fact-finding Mission to TOKYO on enhancement of culinary specialities and local products;
  • USA: Participation in the 4th panel of the Association of American products origin (AOPA) in NEW YORK, association with which INAO and Origin-France signed a cooperation agreement.